Why Guatemala?  Many regions of the world combine the magnetic beauty of Guatemala and extreme poverty in parts of their population.  Why highlight an area of Guatemala in paintings?

But…why NOT Guatemala?  A portion of the charitable donations raised by this website goes to Aldea Maya. Its work in Chuk Muk, a village up the volcanic slope from Santiago on Lake Atitlan, has enabled children to extend their education. Theo’s experience as a volunteer teaching art in the school and getting to know the students has confirmed his commitment to those Mayan kids.

market. 11×14. watercolour. $400


The following portraits, based on faces that captivated Theo while he was in Guatemala, are all priced at $500.  Most are 12×16 inches (30×40 centimetres).  All are in oils, some on canvas and some on canvas board.  


Below:  acrylic on cork, reinforced. Dimensions are in inches. Prices below each if you hover your cursor.


The paintings below are already sold, with all profits to the charity Aldea Maya.

guat market women 500
Market in Santiago, acrylic, 23 x 29.  not for sale.

See also the paintings by the students Theo taught as a volunteer in Guatemala: Guatemala by T’s students

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