“Design” is a very broad category — in this case illustrations for cards, teeshirts, and books. A few of these images are available for sale, but most aren’t.  They’re included here primarily to indicate the range of Theo’s work.  Besides, some of them are just kind of fun and might give you a smile.

1.  Tee-shirt Designs

These designs sold well in Qualicum for two years while they were carried by a gift shop there.

2. Illustrations for Outdoor Books

The drawings in this slideshow were originally for Theo’s outdoor books and are just a sample here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3.  Christmas Cards

The original watercolours used for these cards are 11 x 15, and available for sale for $125 each.

4. Illustrations for Children’s Books

These illustrations were commissioned for children’s books already published, so aren’t for sale here.   These particular designs are from two sets that appear in children’s books by Jon C. Stott: A Book of Tricksters and Quests for Fire




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