Welcome to the work of author, artist, and illustrator Theo Dombrowski. 

Theo Dombrowski donates 100% of the profits he makes from his books and paintings, including all featured on this website, to registered charities.  His favoured charity is the international humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders, and he explains his commitment in a feature on the MSF website: Supporter Stories: A BC artist and writer uses his work to help MSF deliver lifesaving care”.  He also supports other really good humanitarian or environmental organizations, largely by donating paintings that they sell in their own fundraisers, for example the Nature Trust of BC, the Children’s Heart Network, and the local Qualicum organization Aldea Maya which works for education and nutrition in a community in Guatemala. This website will be updated regularly as more works are sold or offered for sale.


For the month of May, the proceeds from paintings bought from this site will go to an urgent campaign to rescue a family from Afghanistan, targeted by the Taliban and presently in hiding in Pakistan (exception: paintings already committed to Pearson UWC). Their daughter, a graduate of Pearson United World College and now a student at UBC, is desperate for their safety.  Read more about the family, the campaign to save them, and the steps toward donation (with official tax receipt for Canadians):  https://savesaimasfamily.wordpress.com/


Much of Theo’s work is rooted in the Canadian west coast, even though framed by the more international outlook his experience has given him.

Born on Vancouver Island, Theo has often travelled beyond it — but always returns home. He grew up in Port Alberni and studied first at the University of Victoria.  Further studies took him to Halifax, Nova Scotia and London, England.  With a doctorate in English literature, he returned to Vancouver Island to teach at Royal Roads, then at the University of Victoria. Then, for most of his teaching career, he lived and taught at Lester B Pearson United World College of the Pacific outside Victoria, BC.  On academic leaves from Pearson, he also taught at United World Colleges in Italy (for one year) and Norway (for two years).

While he taught literature in the classroom, Theo also led student activities that developed his own keen interests: international culture and outdoor activities, including SCUBA diving, hiking, skiing, and kayaking.  His pleasure in being active in nature is reflected in his seven outdoor guidebooks and his landscape painting, while the fun of working with bright international students has encouraged fresh perspectives in much of his design and writing.

Significantly, his involvement with the United World Colleges also developed further his desire to contribute what he can to others in the world.  Recognizing that developing countries don’t need specialists in English literature but do need doctors and skilled development workers, he uses his own skills as a writer, artist, and illustrator to raise funds to donate to organizations that are effective in environmental and humanitarian work.

Theo Dombrowski now lives at Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada.

Contact theodombrowski.art@shaw.ca

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