Theo has said goodbye to all of the paintings shown on this page.  However, the galleries below retain a memory of works from the past.  They give a fuller impression of his work for anyone thinking about commissioning drawings or paintings.  The slide shows are presented in the  categories used by this website.

ALL PROFITS from the sales of these paintings have been donated to charity, mostly to Doctors without Borders (MSF) but also to Aldea Maya for development in a Guatemalan village. Most recently, paintings of the area around Lester B Pearson United World College have raised contributions to its scholarship fun.

Pedder Bay, Pearson College:  For paintings in this category that are currently available, see Pedder Bay, Pearson College.

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Landscapes of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.  Theo originally did most of these paintings to illustrate his guidebooks to walking, hiking, and finding “secret beaches” of this region.  Below is a selection from the regional landscapes he has sold in the past.  For work currently available, see Landscapes.

First, Vancouver Island: 

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Now, the Gulf Islands: 

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Next, paintings of Guatemala and some of the children sponsored through Aldea Maya.  For paintings still available, see Guatemala:

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The next category is the most miscellaneous, including ones Theo did as book illustrations.  It’s called “Design“.  For others in this frequently quirky and humorous category, see the page of work currently available: Designs.

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Last is another miscellaneous category, crossing the others in subject matter.  We’ve called it Major Paintings.  Many of Theo’s paintings in this category are unavailable for sale after protests from his wife Eileen who fiercely wants to keep them.  These, and others still available, can be seen on this website at: Major Paintings.




Thank you to everyone who has bought paintings from Theo.  You have give support to some truly worthy causes — and have also given him encouragement to continue painting for these goals!