With factual history, cultural observations, and anecdotes, A Spin on our World is sure to resonate with anyone who has memories of life at Pearson College on the shores of Pedder Bay.  It weaves together hundreds of lively stories of the first 30 years of this international community, threaded with humour and personal commentary and grouped thematically.

The present e-version in pdf format is downloadable free from this website, as long as you are a Pearson Insider with the password.  (Feel free to share the password with other Pearson Insiders.) There’s no cost to downloading and reading the book.  But if you do, please consider making a donation to the scholarship fund of Pearson College.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD:  Obtain the password from Pearson College, from Theo through this website, or from Pearson graduates through Facebook or other forums. Click on this page link and use the password:  A Spin on our World


A Spin on Our World: Thirty Years of Evolving (and Revolving), published in 2004, is a celebration of the first 30 years of Lester B Pearson College outside Victoria, BC.  This is very much an Insider book for Pearson Insiders, who will savour the fun and the fiascos and will recognize the place, the people, and the patterns of life in the stories and the hundreds of photos.  Pearson graduates, teachers and staff across the years, and host families are all likely to have their own memories jogged — and so, probably, will their families!

Theo and Eileen Dombrowski, having taught and lived at Pearson for most of the college’s history at the time of writing, had extensive memories and thousands of photographs as material for the book. Then, through appeals to colleagues and graduates, they collected information, stories, and photos from many other people to supplement their own. The book was a labour of love. They donated their free time over three years to assembling material, writing, and doing computer layout, and they gave it to the college in a format prepared for print publication.  A thousand print books have now apparently found homes on book shelves of the world.  And now it’s available free in an electronic form, ready for download.