These paintings are “major” in that Theo did them not for book illustrations but for their own sake, and has had many of them hanging in galleries.  Although most of his serious paintings have sold over the years, those pictured below have not been offered for sale before.  For information on the medium (most of these are oils), dimensions (in inches), and price, hover your cursor near the bottom of the image of the painting.

oil. 30×33. not for sale.
oil. 35×42. not for sale.
oil. 23×30. $600
oil. $600. SOLD.


Northwest Wind. oil, professionally framed. 36×24.  $950


oil. 32×48. $1000



oil. 16×18. $400.

The pair of paintings below can be hung together, in either order, to create the sense of a continuous image.  Notice how the green on the canvas pictured on the right below is picked up on the canvas on the left.  Does this invite interpretation of the abstract shapes?


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