If you’re interested in buying any of the paintings displayed on this website, please contact Theo Dombrowski at  theodombrowski.art@shaw.ca  to identify what work(s) you want and get him to figure out what the shipping will cost from western Canada. When you’ve resolved the price and timeline for shipping to your satisfaction, then you will use the Paypal “buy now” button to transfer funds.

Don’t forget the truly cool thing about buying paintings from Theo: all profits go to worthy causes, via registered charities.  (His preferred charity is Doctors without Borders MSF.)

Note that his books are presently sold not through this site but through book stores or Amazon, and that some of them are available only in e-versions.  The royalties he makes on his books likewise go to registered charities.  So…anything you buy helps somebody somewhere else!

You can pay using PayPal or a credit card using the “Buy Now” button below, or by another means by arrangement with Theo.

Buy Now Button

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