Many of these paintings invite storytelling — and not just stories for children.  They lend themselves to marking transitions or stages in life, so can make meaningful gifs. 

They are as varied as dreams: a father frolics with his merchild, an entranced young woman floats to the music of the panpipe, a young girl metamorphoses into a butterfly. Some suggest fantasy lands, with elaborate castles such as never existed on earth.  Still others are more wryly amused, and amusing.

All profits from all works on this site go fully to registered charities for environmental or humanitarian work. And that’s not a “dreamscape”!

Castle. oil. 36×48 inches, very large and beautifully professionally framed. $3600

The Wizard 400
The Wizard. 16×20 inches. oil on canvas. $400


w/c. 9×12. $250

Release. oil on canvas, 21×26 inches. $400.

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